Customer Story

Dash Hudson provides a visual intelligence platform for brands and publishers that serves as a one-stop solution to predict performance, distribute, measure, and enhance engagement across all of their visual marketing channels.

The Challenge

With a rapidly growing client base consisting of leading global brands, Dash Hudson was spending hours manually tracking customer engagement metrics. They needed a scalable solution that could help them focus their efforts on delivering great customer experiences.

The Solution

Ackee took the headache out of manually capturing insights from customer engagement, helping Dash Hudson to streamline their workflows and boost productivity.

The Results

Dash Hudson's customer success team dramatically improved efficiency, cutting down their manual tracking tasks from several hours a week to zero. Armed with real-time customer insights, they're now able to take meaningful, data-driven actions that increase retention, drive adoption, and trigger expansion.

Dash Hudson

Ackee has saved me so much time and helped our team become incredibly more strategic. It puts everything I want to know about customers at my fingertips, and gives me the insights I need in seconds instead of hours.

Jenny Pratt

Head of Customer Success at Dash Hudson

Dash Hudson's Story

Streamlining workflows to focus on a superior client experience.

Dash Hudson had grown very quickly in just over a year, building a client base that includes the world's top brands and publishers. However, during this period of rapid growth it became evident that their customer success workflows couldn't scale at the same pace. As Jenny Pratt, Head of Customer Success, recalled, “compiling engagement metrics involved juggling between our CRM, our admin backend, and our analytics tools. We needed a solution that'd help us efficiently monitor engagement and support our growing customer base.”

Dash Hudson implemented Ackee and immediately saw value. “Insights that used to take hours of manual effort to obtain are now available in seconds with a few clicks”, said Jenny. “Ackee consolidated our customer engagement data and put it at our fingertips, helping us build a more scalable workflow.” With Ackee as a clear source of truth, Jenny's team can grab up to the minute customer insights and use them to continually improve their processes.

“Life is easier with Ackee”, she said. “We're able to easily identify highly active brands, accounts at risk of churn, and any anomalous changes in usage. From there, I can distill that information into actionable changes that can have an immediate effect on retention or adoption.” Using Ackee's dashboards and reporting tools, Jenny can instantly share this information with the CEO and her colleagues in sales, product and marketing divisions, increasing visibility across the entire organization.

By accomplishing tasks faster and establishing a single source of truth around engagement data, Dash Hudson has been able to streamline their workflows, delight their customers, and stay ahead of their accelerating rate of growth.

“We love Ackee at Dash Hudson. It automatically provides insights on all of our customers, helping us to either take action to bring at risk customers back on track, or make happy customers even more successful.”

Dash Hudson

Thomas Rankin

CEO at Dash Hudson

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